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Peaceful Kids Program


‘Peaceful Kids’ is a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based program to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children. The program has been created to fulfil a need in schools to offer all children a developmentally appropriate program that gives children the skills, practice and support to utilise coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress. The program also involves parental involvement and commitment to supporting the strategies at home.

Outcomes of the Peaceful Kids program:

  • Lessen symptoms of anxiety and stress in children
  • Teaches children to self-calm
  • Empowers children to manage their own anxiety
  • Develops emotional intelligence skills
  • Teaches children life-long skills to manage stress and prevent stress build up
  • Supports children so they know that they are not alone with suffering from anxiety

Program structure:

  • Peaceful Kids is a 8 week program for children
  • Sessions are for approximately 1 hour each week (40-50 minutes for Kindergarten and Year 1’s)
  • Sessions include learning a range of mindfulness strategies and meditations and positive psychology exercises
  • Students are guided through meditations daily online via the Peaceful Kids website

If you would like more information, please see the Peaceful Kids website

This is a free program, however a GP mental health treatment plan will be required to secure attendance in the 8 week PSS group program. GP consultation fee may apply. 

GP referral forms can be found here:


There are currently no upcoming Peaceful Kids Program dates. Please check back later, or contact the facilitators.