About Lilly Pilly Counselling

Lilly Pilly Counselling is an incorporated group of Psychologists and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers located in established private practices in the Central and Eastern Sydney PHN. Lilly Pilly counsellors are a professional community who specialise in counselling, group work, supervision, mediation, education and training. 

Lilly Pilly Counselling offers excellence in the area of primary mental health care for professionals and clients in the community. We work collaboratively, offering a supportive team approach to mental health care, including for marginalised groups in the community.

We offer counselling for adults, children, young people and families, within a trauma informed framework. Our counsellors offer expertise in support of people with mental health needs, parenting and attachment issues, trauma and complex trauma, child and family issues, work related concerns and for clients who would like to improve their well-being. 

Lilly Pilly Counselling also runs evidence-based groups and workshops and can tailor-make programs for your organisation.

For mental health care professionals, we offer clinical supervision, professional debriefing, training packages, self-care programs and mediation services and support organisations during times of change management.