About Lilly Pilly Counselling

Lilly Pilly Counselling Inc was born of Karen Duncan and Karen Doherty’s shared passion to provide professional, high quality private practice services to marginalised communities unable to afford high fees and to bring together, support and develop a team of cohesive, valued, skilled and empathic therapists, with a commitment to marginalised peoples. Lilly Pilly Counselling Inc has been providing excellent free and affordable individual and group therapy services to many peoples, including our most vulnerable community members, for the past 5 years.

The Lilly Pilly team has grown quickly over that time and is now a diverse and skilled team of psychologists, social workers, wellbeing staff and support staff that Karen is honoured to work with. Lilly Pilly also now has a wonderful team of experienced and accomplished supervisors, wellbeing experts, workshop facilitators and trainers who, in addition to providing various therapies are available for workplace supervision, debriefing, consultations, workshops, self-care, trauma informed pilates, yoga and mindfulness programs.

Lilly Pilly is aware that culture underpins the foundation of social and emotional wellbeing and is ever-present in how we understand and respond to wellness. Lilly Pilly recognises that  its’ work is not culturally neutral and runs the risk of further marginalising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Lilly Pilly elevates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices and stands against all forms of racism and discrimination.