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Patricia (Patty) Lee



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1/78 Livingstone Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204


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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
Adult Mental Health
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National Disability Insurance Scheme
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About Patty

I am registered to practice as a Psychologist in NSW. I have been registered and working as a Psychologist since 1995. I am a full member of AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority that looks after Accreditation and Registration of Psychologists in Australia).

I hold a Master of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy and a Master of Education in Counselling and Psychology.

I have been training and supervising Psychologists, Interns and Couple & Family Therapists since 2001.

I work with adults, couples, families, adolescents and children.

I have worked as follows:

  • With adults and adolescents experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, eating issues, mental health problems, domestic violence, problematic behaviour or emotion management, grief, trauma, drug & alcohol problems & so on.
  • As a Relationship Counsellor, in parent education, with children and families whose families are separating or separated.

My counselling practice is open to virtually all concerns.

At initial sessions I will negotiate goals. I work with people who, I believe, have the capacity to resolve or come to terms with their own problems with my assistance.

Some people work with me to change behaviour, improve emotional self-regulation, increase self responsibility, deal with trauma, resolve problems and so on.

My experience and belief is that people usually become more capable of achieving their goals in therapy

  • as they truly understand themselves better,
  • as they come to understand their part in problematic repeated interpersonal patterns
  • as they become more mindful, and realistically self accepting.

I will invite you do homework between sessions.

I will invite you to set and explore your goals and how you are achieving them.

Most people who work with me experience counselling as gently challenging.

I have found that some people need a few sessions to achieve their goals, some require months of counselling.

I see counselling as an evolving two way relationship. I will ask you about your expectations in counselling.

As a client you are in control and may end our counselling relationship at any time. I will be supportive of your decisions except those that involve self harm or hurting someone else.

Counselling is intended as a means to an end. My aim is that counselling will help you to face life challenges in the future with resources other than long term counselling.