Some of the areas we cover within this workshop are:

  • An understanding and acceptance of the importance of setting and keeping healthy professional boundaries
  • Discuss “grey areas” of boundary crossings and how to deal with pressure to cross ‘the line’
  • How adhering to professional boundaries helps the client and the yourself
  • How to identify situations before things go wrong
  • How to help take ownership of your own solutions and without trying to rescue the situation
  • Explanation and demonstration of how people take in information and the distinction between people’s different concepts of the reality of the information provided to them
  • Understanding your own values as a service provider and how to recognise when these values are not being met
  • How to recognise the warning signs from people’s language and physiology
  • Group exercises to analysis different scenarios, recognise warning signs, recognise your own personal patterns of behaviour and identify alternative solutions that would be in the best interest of the client and the service provider