Sonya Bradford

I am a Psychologist with 15 years experience in education, private and not-for-profit sectors. Using a client-centred approach, I help clients draw on their motivation for change, to enable them to grow in response to life’s challenges.

Jennifer Stephensen

meet our team jennifer stephensen Social Worker Location South Sydney PTSSuite 2, 2A/16 Boyle StSutherland 2232 Hours Fridays CONTACT INFORMATION 0405 308 801 Meet Jennifer Jennifer is a warm and compassionate clinician with over 19 years’ experience as a Social Worker providing counselling and support to people on a wide range of issues including […]

Angelique Andrew

meet our team Angelique Andrew Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Psychotherapist Location Angie’s Place Counselling55 East Parade, Sutherland NSW 2232 Hours Weekdays: 8:00am – 7:00pmSaturdays: 8:00am – 3:00pm  CONTACT INFORMATION 0408 133 400 Meet Angie My name is Angelique Andrew and I have recently opened a new practice in Sutherland called, “Angie’s Place”. […]

Michelle Southgate

meet our team Michelle Southgate Accredited Mental Health Social Worker & Family Therapist Location South Sydney PTSSuite 2, 2A/16 Boyle St, Sutherland 2232 Hours Mondays 10am – 5pm Tuesdays 8am – 1pmThursdays 10am – 6pm CONTACT INFORMATION 0480 183 842 Meet Michelle Michelle has over 20 years’ experience as a Clinical Social Worker and […]

Theo Simos

Theo is a Psychologist with over over 5 years of experience working with people to help them achieve long-term change by tailoring treatment approaches to meet their individual needs. Theo works with teens and adults, he has a special interest in trauma and anxiety with a lens to look for deeper meaning to find the origin of the presenting issue and explore pathways to healing from the foundation upwards.

Treatment is structured, with practical exercises being given that can be used and felt from the first session. Theo has extensive knowledge in trauma and anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and all facets of addiction.

Adam Finch

Adam is a Clinical Psychologist with over 12 years of experience working with a wide range of mental health problems including mood and anxiety disorders, in both private and public settings.

Adam has a particular interest and expertise in treatment for people experiencing emotion regulation difficulties, impulsive and self-harming behaviours and problematic relationship patterns.

Narelle Horwitz​

Narelle works exclusively with perinatal clients on a range of issues related to trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth and the early parenting years. She is experienced at working with clients who recognize they don’t feel like themselves during this period in their lives, and who may also be experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression or trauma. She supports clients through exploring options related to unplanned pregnancies, their struggles trying to conceive and unexpected outcomes such as pregnancy loss, stillbirth or early hospitalizations due to prematurity or NICU admissions.

Kirstie Missenden​

I am a Clinical Psychologist with 20 years of experience in public and private health settings. I work mostly with women with a wide range of emotional and/or mental health issues, who may be experiencing relationship problems or a sense of feeling ‘stuck’ in their lives. Often people will have been diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety or PTSD before being referred for therapy or seeking help for themselves.

I also have a special interest in working with adult survivors of what is now called ‘Developmental Trauma’ (difficult experiences in childhood which might include abuse, emotional/physical neglect, and attachment issues) as well as Adulthood Trauma. I use a variety of trauma-based psychological therapies, including EMDR and Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT), as well as CBT and Mindfulness based approaches, to help people overcome their trauma-related issues.

Karen Doherty​

I am an accredited mental health social worker registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers and a Director of Lilly Pilly Counselling Incorporated. I have over 20 years experience working with children, young people and adults with a wide range of issues. I have knowledge and experience working with mental health issues, sexual abuse, trauma, child abuse and neglect and therapeutic counselling.

I have a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work from Sydney University and have completed post graduate training and workshops in child and adolescent mental health, peri natal metal health, narrative therapy and CBT.

Julieanne Lowe​

Julieanne is a registered Psychologist with a warm, open and collaborative style. She adopts a client-centered approach to therapy, tailoring her approach to suit the needs, pace, and presentation of those she works with.

She believes that everyone can grow, and is passionate about utilising individuals’ unique strengths and values to help her clients achieve their goals. Julieanne strives to create a safe and open space for those she works with, where individuals and families can explore what they want, set goals, and work towards these goals at their own set pace.

It is important to Julieanne that her clients walk away from sessions feeling heard, safe, and respected. Likening the therapeutic relationship to a partnership, Julieanne works collaboratively ‘with’ her clients to support them to support themselves.